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报告人: 田禾院士 (华东理工大学)




    He TIAN is a Professor at East China University of Science & Technology (ECUST) in Shanghai. He obtained his Ph.D. from ECUST in 1989 and was appointed Cheung Kong Distinguished Professor by the Education Ministry of China in 1999. His current research interests include the syntheses of novel functional organic dyes and supramolecular polymers as well as development of interdisciplinary materials science that determines the electronic and optical properties of materials. Prof. Tian has already published over 500 papers in international journals and applied 108 Chinese patents (over 25K total citations, H-index > 86 by Web of Science). He was selected as a member of the Chinese Academy of Science (2011) and a Fellow of TWAS–The World Academy of Sciences –for the advancement of science in developing countries (2013).

    田禾,男,汉族,1962年7月出生,教授,华东理工大学第十一届学术委员会主任委员。1982年本科毕业于南京理工大学化学化工学院,1986年和1989年在华东理工大学先后获硕士学位和工学博士学位。两次由德国洪堡基金会资助在德国开展合作研究,1996年获得国家杰出青年基金,1999年被聘为教育部长江学者奖励计划特聘教授,2011年当选中国科学院院士,2013年当选发展中国家科学院院士。田禾教授曾获得2000年国家科技进步二等奖、2007年国家自然科学二等奖和多项省部级科技奖励,获得2016年度法国-中国化学会讲座奖。2014至2017年田禾在化学领域均是“Highly Cited Researchers” (Web of Science)