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学术报告:Potentialities of CO2 as a Reaction Promoter/Controller
报告人:Professor Masahiko ARAI  
       Hokkaido University, 中科院长春应化所
报告时间:2017年10月16日 上午10:00
       1979- 986 Tohoku University, Assistant Professor; 1986 - 1999 Institute for Chemical Reaction Science, Tohoku University, Associate Professor; 2000 – 2017 March, Hokkaido University, Professor; 2017 March-present, Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, CAS, Guest visiting professor.
       2007 to date An Editorial Board Member of The Journal of Supercritical Fluids; 2014 A Guest Editor for “Catalysts” on a Special Issue "Metal Catalysts Recycling and Heterogeneous/ Homogeneous Catalysis”; 2014 A Guest Editor for a Springer Book “Transformation and Utilization of Carbon Dioxide”; 2015 Member of International Advisory Committee of International Conference of Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering, October 8-9, 2015, Mumbai.
RESEARCH FIELDS: Studies on Green Chemistry multi-functional catalytic systems including: multiphase catalytic reactions using carbon dioxide and water, metal-free nitrogen-doped carbon catalysts, carbon dioxide fixation and utilization, catalytic and photocatalytic hydrogen production, preparation of mesoporous smectite-like acid/base catalysts, activation and transformation of CO2.