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学术报告:Harnessing Applied Potential: The Selective Hydrocarboxylation of Alkenes
报 告 人:Professor Benjamin R Buckley       Loughborough University, UK
报告人简介:He undertook his PhD with Professor Philip C. B. Page at Loughborough and Professor A. John Blacker at Avecia (now at Leeds University) in the area of asymmetric epoxidation, and remained with Professor Page for a further year as a PDRA before taking a position as a Research Fellow in the Department in 2004. 
                In late 2007 he was appointed to a RCUK Fellowship, in 2012 to a lectureship
                2014 promoted to Senior Lecturer 
                2014-2015 Visiting Professor at the University of Utah.
RESEARCH FIELDS: Ben’s research interests include carbon dioxide utilisation, green chemistry, asymmetric catalysis  and novel probes for reactive oxygen/nitrogen species detection.