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学术报告:CO2 as Oxygen Supplier for High-Value Added Chemicals

报告题目:CO2 as Oxygen Supplier for High-Value Added Chemicals

报告人:Professor Sang-Eon Park

             Inha University, Korea




        Here, CO2 uses as oxygen sources were demonstrated in the reactions which require oxygen source for the removal of hydrogen from saturated hydrocarbons to transform into corresponding value-added petrochemicals such as to corresponding olefins and aromatics. The role of CO2 as oxidants is as soft oxidant in the oxidative dehydrogenation, and as enhancer, where CO2 is used as hydrogen scavenger in the hydrogen producing reactions such as aromatization ofbutanoland propane or butane , and dehydrogenation of methanol. These approaches are based on the strategy to use CO2 not only for oxygen demanding reactions but also for the hydrogen scavenging reactions.

        Also, recently we demonstrated the simultaneous conversions of CO2 and methane into acetic acid and/or methanol.