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学术报告:Synthesis of Functionalized BN-Arenes

报告人:方向东教授      同济大学



报告摘要 :  BN-Substituted arenes are formally considered as chemoisosteres of ubiquitous arene compounds. The CC/BN replacement in carbonaceous aromatic compounds generates interesting molecular structures inserted by BN dipole, which will provide organic materials with novel properties that can be tailor-made by choice. However, precision synthesis of BN-arenes poses significant challenges in synthetic organic chemistry, because most of BN-arene compounds remain elusive and their syntheses are unknown in the chemical literature. In this lecture, an efficient synthesis of BN-naphthalene (ABN) is disclosed and functionalizing ABN ring system leads to a variety of new BN-arene compounds that may find innovative applications in optoelectronics, functional materials and pharmaceutical chemistry.