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学术报告:Engineering Porous Materials for Energy Applications
报告人:Prof. Kwong-Yu CHAN (The University of Hong Kong)

Academic qualifications
Ph.D. (1988) Cornell University, USA;
M.S. (1984) Cornell University, USA;
B.Sc. (1979) University of Alberta, Canada

Previous academic positions held
Senior Lecturer (1995-2002) Lecturer (1988-95) Department of Chemistry, The University of Hong Kong;
Senior Visiting Fellow, Tsinghua University, Beijing (Aug. - Nov. 1999);
Visiting Research Associate, University of Utah (July 1991-Dec. 1991);
Research Associate, Case Western Reserve University (1987-88);
Assist. Lecturer, HK Polytechnic (1979-80).

Present academic position
Professor (2002- now) Department of Chemistry, The University of Hong Kong

Research and Achievements
Research interests in molecular simulation, fuel cells, batteries, water treatment, materials, and electrochemical applications. Published over 160 papers on various topics in electrochemistry, physical chemistry, chemical engineering, and materials science. Top 1% cited scientist, according to ISI’s Essential Science Indicators. Regional Editor of Molecular Simulation and Journal of Experimental Nanoscience. Five inventions related to fuel cells, ozone generation, batteries, and catalysts. Croucher Foundation Senior Research Fellowship (2010), Universitas 21 Fellowship (2010), Salzburg Global Fellowship (2008), and the HKU Outstanding Researcher (1998, 2012).