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学术报告: The filamentous viruses: from a model system of soft matter toward functionalized building blocks for self-assembly

报告人: Eric Grelet教授 (法国国家科学研究中心(CNRS) 高级研究员,法国波尔多第一大学 教授)

摘要: Filamentous viruses with their features like outstanding monodispersity and their ability to self-organize into ordered structures motivate the strong interest they have raised as model systems for soft condensed matter. Aqueous suspensions of these viruses form a variety of self-organized structures, whose general behavior can be explained in terms of a few parameters, namely the packing density and the rod length over diameter ratio.We will show recent experimental investigations in the phase behavior of such virus suspensions including self-diffusion experiments where viral particles have been visualized at the single particle scale thanks to fluorescence microscopy. We will also demonstrate the role of topological defects, such as screw dislocations, in the chirality transfer from particle to supramolecular structure level during the self-assembly process [4,5]. Finally, recent results on the chemical functionalization of the phages will be shown, paving the way of new building blocks for self-assembled materials.

报告时间: 2018年10月11日上午10:00
报告地点:  蒙明伟楼 201

Eric Grelet教授简介:
       Eric Grelet博士在法国国家科学研究中心(CNRS)与法国巴黎第十一大学下属的固体物理研究所(Laboratoire de Physique des Solides,LPS) 从事博士学位的科学研究并于2001年获得巴黎第十一大学的博士学位,随后到美国布兰迪斯大学的Seth Fraden教授课题组从事博士后研究。于2002年作为固定研究员加入法国国家科学研究中心(CNRS)旗下的Paul Pascal研究所开始独立研究。2012年成为法国波尔多大学的博士生导师。由于其在液晶等软物质领域的杰出贡献,在博士期间并获得了国际液晶协会的Glenn Brown奖。并于2009年获得法国国家科学研究院铜质奖章。Grelet博士的研究兴趣主要集中于棒状胶体颗粒的液晶和自组装行为,近几年在PRL, Nature Communication, JACS, ACS Nano等顶级期刊发表论文多篇。他在物理学核心顶级期刊PRL上发表论文十多篇,由于在基础软物质物理研究方面的突破多次获得Editors’ Suggestion.