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Academician Qilin Zhou Attended the Future Science Prize Ceremony ... 2018-11-27
ChemistryViews :First Angewandte Editor Based in China 2018-11-07
Boling Lecture- Molecular elements: Building functional materials ... 2018-11-02
“Frontiers in Chemistry and Interdisciplinary Sciences-Nankai Sum ... 2018-10-19
The first issue of Research, Academician Chen Jun at Nankai Unive ... 2018-09-20
Liu Yu's group’s research result about “Light-controlled tubulin ... 2018-07-30
Vice President of Indiana University visited College of Chemistry 2018-07-13
Nobelist James Fraser Stoddart was hired as Yang shixian lecture ... 2018-06-25
The Boling Lecture--Watching Chemical Reactions in the Computer 2018-06-07
Research fellow Dongbing Zhao reported straightforward access tow ... 2018-05-21
Academician Jun Chen from Nankai University won the “National May ... 2018-05-08
Nankai International Talent Forum—2018 International Youth Chemis ... 2018-04-25
Research Fellow Mengchun Ye’s group reported new catalyst for cyc ... 2018-04-13
The research results of Prof. Chen Yongsheng’s group were selecte ... 2018-04-04
Academician Jun Chen’s group reported aqueous zinc-quinone batter ... 2018-03-22
Research fellow Fujun Li’s group reported bismuth used as anode f ... 2018-03-12
Prof. Wei Wang’s group reported self-assembled artificial graphen ... 2018-02-28
Call for Speakers for 2018 “International Youth Chemists Forum” a ... 2018-02-26
Delegation from the University of Karachi visited the Key Lab 2018-01-09
College of Chemistry successfully held the fourth “Nankai Chemist ... 2017-12-13
Prof. Chen Jun Was Elected to the Academician of Chinese Academy ... 2017-11-28
The State Key Laboratory of Elemento-organic Chemistry held the 2 ... 2017-11-15
Boling Lecture-Molecule Materials Aggregation: From 1 Dimension t ... 2017-11-06
Professor Yunhang Hu from Michigan Technological University visit ... 2017-10-24
Boling Lecture--"Precise Chemistry 2.0" by Academican He Tian 2017-10-10
“Nankai-Scripps” Organic Chemistry Seminar was successfully held 2017-09-28
Professor Ruan Wenjuan from College of Chemistry received the awa ... 2017-09-20
6th Total Synthesis of Natural Products—Academic Conference for Y ... 2017-09-13
Inorganic Chemical Materials Symposium Launched 2017-07-04
Research Published on Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. by Prof. Hanying Zhao ... 2017-06-12
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