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Tianjin Education News: An Academician whose research of new pesticide benefit millions of farmers— Prof. Li Zhengming from National Pesticide Engineering Research Center (Tianjin), Nankai University

Li Zhengming, a professor of the National Pesticide Engineering Research Center, is a famous organic chemist and a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. He has undertaken about 10 research projects including 973 Program, National Key Technologies R & D Program and projects funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China. So far he has already published 570 papers and applied for 32 patents.

Lihas devoted himself to technological innovations and transformations of scientific achievements. Up to now, he has researched more than a thousand projects. But Many of them were not put into production for that he is concerned about the price of his products and he only aims at pesticide that anyone can afford.

Chinese first super effective and eco-friendly herbicide with independent intellectual properties— Monosulfuron was discovered  by Li. There are two types of it have passed strict experiments of forty aspects including chemistry, effectiveness, production, toxicology, environment, etc. They were registered as new herbicides with governmental certificates and fill the vacancy of industrialization of herbicide in China. In 2007, Monosulfuron was approved as a new pesticide by the Ministry of Agriculture, breaking the monopoly of a few developed countries on novel pesticide discovery.

Li donated his 500,000 reward of Tianjin Science and Technology Achievement Award to Yang Shixian Scholarship Foundation. He has been teaching for 60 years, and instructed numerous students. Today,most of his 148 graduates has become elites in the area of organic chemistry and pesticide.