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Boling Lecture-Nano and Polymer Functional Materials and Their Applications in Green Energy

Professor Chen Yongsheng, a devoted chemist of the college of Chemistry of Nankai University, presented a Boling lecture entitled “Nano and Polymer Functional Materials and Their Applications in Green Energy” for students from the Boling classes at the academic hall of the Institution of Elemento-organic Chemistry. Li Wei, associate dean of the college of Chemistry, hosted the lecture.

At the beginning of the lecture, Chen briefly introduced himself and from his own experience, he exhorted the undergraduates to treasure their precious time of life and encouraged them to pour passion into scientific research.

He then started with the energy crisis in combination with environmental issues to brief the prospect of the use of “the material of the 21st century”, carbon-based materials in tackling these humanity-threatening problems. He also shared main works that have been done so far by his group, including “photovoltaic materials constituted by oligomers and their application in solar panels”, other functionalized graphene materials possessing excellent properties, such as optical driving graphene, optical vibrating graphene, and so on.

Finally, he enlightened his audience by saying that “Scientific technologies bring better future, practices accompany major cause”.

The report received warm embrace of the students, they asked insightful yet wide-ranges questions, which, Chen answered one after another with patience and enthusiasm.

Boling lecture, as a major project aimed to nurture creative chemical talents, has been launched from 2003 by the College of Chemistry and held regularly on the evening of the last Friday of each month. Its lecturers, top-level chemists worldwide, are invited by Zhou Qilin in person, the Dean of the college. The reporters guide students into academic world though vivid experiences and urge them to set up far-sighted goals at the same time strive for realizing their dreams.

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