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The National Key R&D Project “the controllable mass preparation of macroscopic graphene material and its applications in optoelectronics” was launched


The initiation and demonstration meeting of the National Key R&D Program, the controllable mass preparation of macroscopic graphene material and its applications in optoelectronics, was held on October 29th and 30th. Professor Chen Yongsheng from Nankai University is in charge of the project. Gong Ke, the President of Nankai University, Yan Jinding, the director of High-tech Research and Development Center under the Ministry of Science and Technology, and Jia Di, Deputy Director of Tianjin Science and Technology Commission, attended the meeting.

This project is undertaken by Nankai University, Tsinghua University, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics and Zhejiang University. An advisory expert group was set up on the meeting, including Academician Xie Sishen, Academician Fan Shoushan, Academician Yu Dapeng et al. Gong Ke delivered a welcoming address on behalf of Nankai University, and Jia Di presented letters of appointment to experts. Yan Jinding introduced the key special project “nanotechnology” from four aspects including the goal and task, the train of thought, the consideration and the work arrangement of the special management, and put forward the requests.

Professor Chen Yongsheng presented a detailed report on the program, which elaborated on different aspects of the program and pointed out difficulties in the implementation. The experts carried out a careful analysis of the reports and proposed amendments to improve the inadequacies.

The successful demonstration meeting officially marked the start of the program. Afterwards, the project team will follow the experts’ opinions to further improve the implementation of the program, and contribute China’s strategic plan on nanotechnology under the guidance of relevant departments and expert groups.

It is reported that in 2016, Nankai University has two projects funded by the National Key R&D Project. The other one, the integration technology of air pollution multi-component online source analysis, is led by Professor Feng Yinchang. The project was launched on October 8th.