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Enter the Fantastic World of Nanoporous Materials: Construction and Application of Zeolitic nanoporous Materials

Last Friday, Professor Yu Jihong from Jilin University, the renowned Inorganic chemists and a member of Chinese Academy of Sciences gave a report entitled “Enter the Fantastic World of Nanoporous Materials: Construction and Application of Zeolitic nanoporous Materials” to undergraduates of Boling Class at the Academic hall of the Institute of Elemento-Organic Chemistry. Chen Jun, the Associate Dean of College of Chemistry hosted the lecture.


Yu first introduced the main categories of porous materials, and extended detailed introduction of molecular sieve materials, mesoporous materials, metal-organic frameworks as well as covalent organic frameworks respectively. She then proposed the theoretical problem of “the structural designing and targeted syntheses of molecular sieve materials” in combination with her scientific research experience. She also pointed out scientific research ideas and methods by citing such example as “forecasting the structure and properties of molecular sieve according to the idea of genic researches”. Finally, she concluded with the “Tree theory” and encouraged the students to strive for growing into a tall tree.

During the question session, the students came up with various questions, which were all properly and excellently answered by Yu. The atmosphere was fairly warm, which suggested a successful report.

Boling lecture, as a major project aimed to nurture creative chemical talents, has been launched from 2003 by the College of Chemistry and held regularly on the evening of the last Friday of each month. The top-level chemists worldwide are invited to give lectures to undergraduates of Boling Class and share their opinion and experiences of research. The reporters guide students into academic world though vivid experiences and urge them to set up far-sighted goals at the same time strive for realizing their dreams.

Yu Jihong, the member of Chinese Academy of sciences, the professor of the State Key Laboratory of Inorganic Synthesis & Preparative Chemistry Jilin University, the Director of the International Cooperative Laboratory of Jilin University. For further introduction of Professor Yu, please do not hesitate to see the attachment below:short resume jihong YU-Nankai.docx