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The College of Chemistry Ranks First in the “Advanced Units of the Year in Establishing English Website”

Nankai University recently has held a selection activity named “Advanced Units of the Year in Establishing English Website”, which aims to promote the quality of the constructed English website as well as further extend the oversea influence of the institution. To our delight, the College of Chemistry won first place in this activity.

The review meeting was held at the Office Building on November 22nd, 2016. Yan Chunhua, the Deputy Principal hosted the conference, and Gong Ke, the Principal, and Zhang li, the Assistant Principal attended the meeting. Members of the evaluation group and the directors of the related departments of various colleges also took part in the ceremony.

Yan Chunhua offered constructive advices on such aspects as website management and content, which enlightened the attendant a lot. Gong Ke praised the establishment work of different institutes and extended his gratitude. He also underscored that the English website is both the “small window” and the “big platform” for international communications and that the multiple departments should put high emphasis on the construction of it, make further contribution to improve the internationalization level of Nankai University and facilitate the accomplishment of the first-ranking universities.

At the meeting, the related directors of the College of Chemistry, as one of the representatives of the winning units, presented the condition of the English website and shared the experience with other academies.                            

      The College of Chemistry started the establishment of the English website from Nov. 2015 as a means to actively respond to the “internationalization” in combination with the development of the college. The college selected the content that most interests oversea scholars and students under the fundamental object of “Building international display platform, expanding academic influence worldwide and constructing leading disciplines around the world”. Under the leadership of the related directors of the college, different administration departments, teachers of various disciplines positively cooperated, which led to the final and formal launch of the English version website of the College of Chemistry.

In addition, the college also recruited students with good English capacity to assist the translation and to refine the English level of the website. At the management stage of the new website, specific experts handled and maintained the different parts of the website. Heads of the departments divided labor clearly and cooperated perfectly, which secured the timely renewal of the information on the English website and the information synchronization of Chinese and English websites and granted strong vitality and development potentiality for the website.

Finally, the related men in charge pointed out that there’s still a lot for the college of chemistry to do to further improve the quality of the website and it would surly continue to make efforts to perfect the new website.