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Consummation of 2017 “International Youth Chemists Forum” of “International Talent Forum “at Nankai University

On 28th April, the 2017 “International Youth Chemists Forum” of “International Talent Forum “at Nankai University was held at the report hall on the second floor of Shixian Building, Balitai campus. Xu Jingjun, vice president of the campus attended the opening ceremony and extended his hope of gathering wide talents to construct first-class university. Chen Jun, dean of the College of Chemistry, and Zhou Qilin, associate director of the Academic Committee of Nankai University, members of the Academic Committee of the College of Chemistry, academic leaders and academic backbones attended the ceremony and the academic lectures. The opening ceremony was hosted by research fellow Sun Pingchuan. At the ceremony, Chen Jun introduced the current situation of the college as well as the relevant situation of the International Youth Chemists Forum, and extended warm welcome to the lecturers.


After the ceremony, Inorganic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry and Physics, Physical Chemistry and Organic Chemistry Sub Forums were held in progression. Reporters of Inorganic Chemistry Sub Forum Doc. Wang Feng and Doc. Yang Huayan addressed the academic report of “Rational Design of Heterogeneous Catalysts: from Colloidal Nanocrystals to Supported Clusters”, “Atomic Metal Nanoclusters Controlled by Ligands” respectively and opened the curtain of the forum; Reporter of Analytical Chemistry Sub Forum Doc. Feng Jiandong shared his academic achievement by the lecture entitled “Nanopores: Transistors for Ions in Solution”; Doc. Wang Hong, reporter of Polymer Chemistry and Physics Sub Forum introduced the research of “Nitrogen-Doped Nanoporous Carbon Membrane Derived from Poly(ionic liquid): Preparation and Application”; Doc. Chen Yabin, Doc. Huang Kai, Doc. Liu Yue, Doc. Xin Sen, Doc. Xu Weigao, Doc. Zhang Xinxing and Doc. Zhu Yunpei presented their lectures entitled “Black Arsenic: A Layered Semiconductor with Extreme in-plane Anisotropy”, “Exploring Dynamics at Surfaces by STM and DFT”, “Catalytic Hydrodeoxygenation in Biomass Conversion”, “The Use of Carbon-Based Functional Materials in Energy Conversion and Storage Devices”, “Probing Carrier Motions in 2D Semiconductor Heterostructures via the Spectroscopic Method”, “Anion Photoelectron Spectroscopy”, and “Design of High-Performance Electrocatalysts: Compositions, Structures and Synergistic Effect” respectively; Reporter of Organic Chemistry Sub Forum Doc. Li Mao, Doc. Wang Tongdao and Doc. Zhang Chun reported their work of “Supramolecular Chemistry in Biology: from Cellular Uptake to Self-Assembly”, “Study on Aromatic Osmacycles and Intramolecular Amine/Borane Lewis pairs” and “The Study and Application of Oxygenation-Reaction and Asymmetric Redox-Relay Heck-Reaction” respectively.


The 14 lecturers extended excellent reports and exchanged their arguments with the audience about related academic issues. The lectures saw warm discussion and profound academic atmosphere.

At 10 am on 29th April, the closing ceremony of 2017 “International Youth Chemists Forum” at Nankai University and the Symposium of Discipline Construction and Talent Introduction were successfully held, which marked the successful close of the forum. Sun Pingchuan hosted the closing ceremony and summarized the forum. Chen Jun attended the ceremony and gave a speech. He stated that the future development strategy of Chemistry in Nankai University would put priorities in “synthesis”, “function materials” and “health and life” and expressed his hope of cooperating with the lecturers in related areas and continuing the “predestined relationship” starting from the forum.

After the closing ceremony, the staff of the Personnel Division introduced to the lecturers the history, current situation and personnel policy of Nankai University as well as the College of Chemistry.

After the three-day friendly and warm discussion, the reporters showed their remarkable presence and at the same time deepened their understanding of Nankai University as well as the College of Chemistry. The lecturers shared their vision of cooperation with Nankai and some of them outspoke their willing of joining in the College of Nankai University.