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Boling & Physical Chemistry Curricular Lecture--"Organized Assemblies and Applications of Amphiphiles in Aqueous Solution"

Recently, Professor Jianbin Huang from Peking University was invited to deliver a lecture, about organized assemblies and applications of amphiphiles in aqueous solution, to undergraduates of College of Chemistry. Professor Dongsheng Guo presided at the lecture. The lecture was one of the Boling Lectures as well as a lecture on frontiers of physical chemistry class.


Professor Huang started with a beautiful love story; then introduced the concept of the surface tension. He discussed the concept on the basis of interface phenomenon and colloid chemistry. His absorbing introduction caught students’ attention and they all listened carefully. Later, Professor Huang focused on details of life, sharing his experience of formulating an important theory from pondering over daily life. He discovered transformation between vesicle to micelle incidentally and published a score of papers concerning this topic. He drew analogies between science and life to explain complicated researches and got a big round of applause.

At the end of the lecture, students asked many questions from various aspects and Huang answered all of them. Students said that it was a lecture of great significance.