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The 2nd Experimental Skills Contest Closed

In the past few days, the 2nd experimental skills contest of the College of Chemistry final defense was held. Xiaohang Qiu, the faculty head of the chemistry, Yijun Li ,the director of Chemical Experimental Teaching Center of Nankai University, Langxing Chen ,the deputy director of Research Center for Analytical Science, Yan Song ,the secretary of Youth League Committee and other related teachers served as judges.

The contest lasted one and a half months and over ten groups attended the contest. The written examination was arranged in the preliminary contest to test the fundamental experimental knowledge, while the experimental skills test was performed in the semifinal contest to test the comprehensive abilities of basic experimental operation and team cooperation. Eventually, five groups were admitted to the final contest.


In the final contest defense, the five groups reported the designated subject “the determination of iodine content in the iodized salt”. The reports contained the research meaning, literature retrieval, program designing, experimental operation and determination result and so on. Qizhe Chen and his two groupmates Xiaofeng Dai and Xingyu Chen were awarded the first prize because of their excellent experimental skills and defense demonstration.

After the contest, judges remarked on the students’ performances and gave their professional directions. Qiu extended his hope that this contest would deepen the students’ comprehension of chemistry, motivate students to join the research activities, and promote their practical and innovative abilities, eventually improve the construction of academic atmosphere. Li stated that the major aim of the contest is to let the students realize the differences between practical researches and fundamental experiments and nurture students rigorous attitude and scientific research methods.