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Professor Yunhang Hu from Michigan Technological University visited the State Key Laboratory of Elemental Organic Chemistry

On October 18th, Professor Yunhang Hu was invited by Professor Liangnian He, from the State Key Laboratory of Elemental Organic Chemistry, to deliver a speech on "Highly Efficient Visible Light Photocatalysis for Hydrogen Production and CO2 Conversion ".

Professor Hu first introduced the status quo of the clean energy and the development of hydrogen and solar energy. He then presented his research on highly efficient visible light photocatalysis for hydrogen and CO2 conversion. His group increased the efficiency for the visible light photocatalysis by three orders of magnitude. Professor Hu’s wonderful presentation attracted a lot of interest. After the report, teachers and students discussed with Professor Hu on his research and the future of the light photocatalysis.


About Professor Yunhang Hu:

Dr. Yunhang Hu is a Charles and Carroll McArthur Endowed Chair Professor of Materials Science and Engineering in Michigan Technological University. He is also a Chair Professor of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. He is a fellow of AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science), AIChE (American Institute of Chemical Engineers) and RSC (Royal Society of Chemistry). He was elected as the chair of Energy and Fuels Division of the ACS (American Chemical Society) and the president of Hydrogen Storage of IAHE (International Association of Hydrogen Energy). He is serving as an editor for four ACS Series Books, as an editorial board member of 8 journals. He has served as chair or co-chair for 40 international symposia and was invited to deliver speeches for more than a hundred times. His laboratory is centered on using chemical and physical approaches towards the synthesis and the characterization of advanced materials for energy applications, including: nanomaterial, CO2 conversion, hydrogen storage materials, heterogeneous catalysis, etc. He has published approximately 200 papers on academic journals.