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Structural analysis of organic substances

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Structural analysis

of organic substances

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Xianglei Kong, Zhihong Wang

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The course is set mainly for graduate students majoring in organic chemistry and senior undergraduate students who have already carried out laboratory work. Based on fundamental principles of mass spectrometry and nuclear magnetic resonance, this course highlights the practical skills, especially the commonly used techniques in the use of instruments used in the key laboratory instruments, and the solution of specific problems in research. The course aims to enable students to use the instrument in the process of not only know their own, but also know why, and then better use of organic spectroscopy technology to solve practical problems encountered in scientific research. The course will focus on cultivating students' ability to analyze and solve problems, to lay the necessary foundation for the graduation thesis design and related experiments. At the same time, through the training of English courses, so that students are familiar with the relevant knowledge of English expression, can read the relevant literature.