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Enter the Fantastic World of Nanoporous Materials: Construction a ... 2016-11-29
The National Key R&D Project “the controllable mass preparation o ... 2016-11-04
Boling Lecture-Nano and Polymer Functional Materials and Their Ap ... 2016-11-01
State Key Laboratory of Elemento-Organic Chemistry Held the Third ... 2016-10-26
Guest Lecture with Academician Ben-Zhong Tang: The Trilogy of Cre ... 2016-10-03
The research group from the College of Chemistry won Contribution ... 2016-09-29
Tianjin Education News: An Academician whose research of new pest ... 2016-09-15
The College of Chemistry Held Symposium for Exchanges of Introduc ... 2016-09-13
Chen Gong’s group report a new way to synthesize Benzazetidines 2016-08-08
The successful opening of the 3rd EOC forum 2016-07-27
The first opening of 2016 “International Youth Chemists Forum” 2016-06-30
Ang Li was invited to the Boling Forum 2016-06-01
Congratulations to Chen Gong and Cheng Fangyi on being selected a ... 2016-05-12
Professor Xueming Yang was invited to give a lecture in Boling Fo ... 2016-05-06
First Efficient yet Economical 3D MOF with Doubly Photocatalytic ... 2016-03-08
Nankai Chemistry’s Wechat Official Account is launched! 2016-03-03
Calling for Speakers of 2016 “International Youth Chemists Forum” ... 2016-01-20
Famous chemist Xiaozeng You was engaged at Nankai University as a ... 2015-12-15
Online Now - The brand new English Website 2015-12-10
Seminar Series of “Hundreds of young academic leaders training pr ... 2015-11-10
Supramolecular Chemist Philip A. Gale visits Nankai University 2015-09-29
President of Nankai University came to College of Chemistry for a ... 2015-09-15
The 75th Anniversary Celebration of Centenarians Scholar Shen Pan ... 2015-09-14
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