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“Nankai-Scripps” Organic Chemistry Seminar was successfully held 2017-09-28
Professor Ruan Wenjuan from College of Chemistry received the awa ... 2017-09-20
6th Total Synthesis of Natural Products—Academic Conference for Y ... 2017-09-13
Inorganic Chemical Materials Symposium Launched 2017-07-04
Research Published on Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. by Prof. Hanying Zhao ... 2017-06-12
Professor Liangnian He reported a breakthrough on Carbon Dioxide ... 2017-06-05
Prof. Guo Tianying’s Research Team discovered a Dipicolylamine-ba ... 2017-05-31
The 2nd Experimental Skills Contest Closed 2017-05-27
Boling & Physical Chemistry Curricular Lecture--"Organized Assemb ... 2017-05-18
Consummation of 2017 “International Youth Chemists Forum” of “Int ... 2017-05-08
Xi Zhen and Zhou Chuanzheng’s Group Found a New Type of Thiol-spe ... 2017-04-25
Boling Lecture--"From on-surface Molecular Assembly to on-surface ... 2017-04-06
Research Published on Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. by Wang Guichang’s Gr ... 2017-03-09
New trifluoromethoxylation reagent by Prof. Tang Pingping 2017-02-21
High Evaluation from an International Counterpart of Academician ... 2017-02-13
Call for Speakers for 2017 “International Youth Chemists Forum” a ... 2017-01-03
The micro-seminar on the total synthesis of natural products - on ... 2016-12-26
Major Advancement of Research in Organic Solar Cells Made by Yong ... 2016-12-15
The seminar of Elemento-organic chemistry of "Celebrations for th ... 2016-12-11
Academician Qian Xuhong Presented the First Lecture of the “Lectu ... 2016-12-07
The College of Chemistry Ranks First in the “Advanced Units of th ... 2016-12-01
Academician Zhang Yukui was employed as Yang Shixian Professor of ... 2016-11-30
Dr. Zhang Ning’s the research of "Aqueous Zn-Ion Battery" was pub ... 2016-11-29
Enter the Fantastic World of Nanoporous Materials: Construction a ... 2016-11-29
The National Key R&D Project “the controllable mass preparation o ... 2016-11-04
Boling Lecture-Nano and Polymer Functional Materials and Their Ap ... 2016-11-01
State Key Laboratory of Elemento-Organic Chemistry Held the Third ... 2016-10-26
Guest Lecture with Academician Ben-Zhong Tang: The Trilogy of Cre ... 2016-10-03
The research group from the College of Chemistry won Contribution ... 2016-09-29
Tianjin Education News: An Academician whose research of new pest ... 2016-09-15
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