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完成一整年访问项目的学生将获得伯克利 Extension 学院的结业证书,有资格进行1年选择性实践培训(OPT),并优先录取至化学学院的分子科学和软件工程硕士(仅计算化学)。



Over the last ten years, Berkeley Global - our international and continuing education division - has been bringing students from partner universities around the world into Berkeley’s classrooms and Silicon Valley through our Berkeley Global Access programs.

I’d like to specifically bring a new (beginning in Fall 2021) visiting-student program offered by the UC Berkeley College of Chemistry, the world’s #1-ranked Chemistry faculty, to the attention of your department.

The Berkeley Global Chemistry Visiting Student Program is a semester-length or year-long cohort-based program for undergraduates focused on either Computational Chemistry or Chemical Biology. Students will choose between these two tracks and participate in specialized upper-division coursework alongside Berkeley undergraduates and their international cohort peers.

In addition to the wide range of upper-division course offerings and the opportunity to study alongside Berkeley students and professors, visiting Chemistry students will have an opportunity to seek undergraduate research training through joining faculty laboratories, attend professional and academic networking events, and connect to UC Berkeley Chemistry’s wide and active alumni network.

Students who complete a full year of the Visiting Student program will earn a Certificate of Completion from Berkeley Extension, which qualifies them for 1-year Optional Practical Training (OPT) and priority admissions to the College of Chemistry’s Master of Molecular Science and Software Engineering (Computational Chemistry only).

We believe that the academic reputation and student profile of Nankai University closely matches our program offerings, and we would be delighted to welcome your excellent Chemistry students into our Berkeley Global community.


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